Our Technology

Utilizing the Total Assessment (TA) technology, HealthGrid provides products and services related to health management platforms.

The TA technology allows us to evaluate overall biological information related to the vitality scales of human body, exercise, mind and sociability. Our original method of data analysis (algorithms) allows us to index mental and physical vitality conditions comprehensively. We study the complex relationships of multiple test results, and by utilizing the correlations of those data, we are able to quantify and visualize the overall vitality conditions for our clients.

Through such technology of extracting critical information from significant quantities of biological information, we are able to better understand the conditions and status of human body. Hence, we can speculate the total conditions of body and mind, instead of examining specific health aspects of the individial.


HealthGrid places an emphasis on updating the TA technology with experts in various fields such as medicine, biotechnology, life science, biological function, and physiology. Through such efforts, we aim to provide standards for physiological indexes used in many businesses as well as in medicine and health care industries, to create a health management platform.

Through the TA technology, information which could only be gained from complete physical examinations, and information which could not be gained through such examinations, can be attained easily without the actual examination.
Our “technological innovation” for accuracy and speed meets the “market demands” for affordability and user friendliness.